Fraser Island


We had a day trip to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay, which was all we time time for this trip. I’d love to go back again because it is a jewel of a place, and gob smackingly beautiful.

The indigenous name for the island is K’gari (pronounced gurri) and meaning paradise. And it is! The traditional owners are campaigning to have the Island revert to K’gari, which I believe is in the pipeline. Lets hope so.

The lakes and creeks are so stunningly pure and crystal clear, and the sand base to everything enhances this. McKenzie lake (seen in the post thumbnail) is just crazy beautiful.

I hadn’t realised, but Fraser Island/K’gari is the island which encloses and forms Hervey Bay – it’s around 120km long and is the guardian to the Bay.

More and more I am in love with this gorgeous land of ours, Australia.