That mad deep blue sky.

I’d just spent 2 years in London, a place I’d loved, and had lived once before.Somehow though, I could never do more than two harsh English winters before Australia called me back. My heart longed for the relaxed easy lifestyle of Sydney, my home prior to that. I missed the laid-back Aussie friendliness and sunshine (the warmth, you might say, in more ways than one).

And I wanted to swim in the ocean, goddammit!

Nothing prepared me, when I stepped off the plane, for the fierceness of the sky and the light. England has a lovely gentle, muted light – everything feels soft and pretty; the sky is a 70% of Australia’s blue.

I stepped off the plane and back onto my home soil – and was hit in a jetlagged state by the brute force of that mad deep blue sky, and the LIGHT.

And my heart filled with joy to be home!

Cate Broadbent