Road trip with soft furnishings.

So – we got to the point where we needed to shoot our products.And of course we’re bootstrapping it as a start-up business. Besties to the rescue! My dear friend Arunas kindly agreed a do a two-day shoot, and found the lovely KBaum studios in Balmain for us to use. Fantastic! Only problem was getting it all to Sydney. Which is why I found myself hauling my little hatchback up the Hume Highway (and back) with a car full of sort furnishings!

My other besties Mazz and Denise offered their lovely houses for other various shots. Matt Blatt kindly loaned the furniture. The day was saved! Big, heartfelt thanks to you all, and while I'm at it, to so many of our family and friends who believed in Roofus from the start. Roofus loves you!

shoot_01 2.jpg
Cate Broadbent