The Apostles


Our latest silkscreen print series pays homage to the mighty Apostles!

For those who don't know, they are a series of rock formations off the Victorian South Coast of Australia. Really, everyone knows that though don't they?
We recently had a spin down the Great Ocean Road (and what a coast drive that is – but thats another story!) and clapped eyes on them again.

I love me a monolith and a rock formation, I do. And these are so majestic. Despite the amount of tourists at the site you really do feel the power of them, and the scale. They would be 6 or 7 stories high at a guess.

There are only 8 left out of the original 12, four of them having collapsed into the ocean. That gives them a feeling of impermanence despite their strong demeanour. That they might break down before your eyes and wash out to sea at any moment.