More Eye Candy from the Reef

Hello again! I know Ive already been on about Heron Island and its stunning beauty. But while I’m on the subject, I thought I’d share some images to give you more of a glimpse of it. See above – there's John surveying his island kingdom, the shipwreck as you approach the harbour, and some of the thousands of migrating birds that were there to nest and breed for the season.Of course none of these images give you an idea of the wonderland that is underwater! Did I tell you we swam with turtles? We went snorkeling off the boat and these glorious creatures when approached, rather than swim away, would swim alongside you an arms length away, checking you out with their big brown eyes. The fish were the same, schools of them swimming at pace with you, turning when you turned, slowing when you slowed. It was beyond magical! The other wonderful thing is that Queensland University have a research station there on Heron Island. These fantastic marine biologists and such are studying the Reef and the oceans to try to understand and hlp with climate change’s effects, Not only that, they are working on cancer, pain management, Alzheimer’s disease and more, using marine study. So cool. You can support them here, if you like.