Roofusing about the Reef

You know what – I’m calling it. Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef is THE most beautiful place Ive been, and potentially most beautiful place on earth. Big call, yes!

John and I had a week there recently, spent most of our waking hours snorkeling in its pristine reef (no bleaching here, people) We swam with green turtles, stingrays, giant reef sharks (gulp!) and a myriad of amazing colorful fish.

This island is a natural wonderland, a stopping point for migrating birds and a sanctuary for the turtles where they come in their thousands to breed, hatch and return to the ocean. Every critter is trusting and unafraid, I guess because it is a green reef zone and being on a coral cay, you are part of the reef and immersed in their habitat.

The other great thing is there was no wifi. So no internet, social media, TV, radio, newspapers and NO Donald Trump! Bliss.

Such a creatively inspiring place too, we did a fair bit of drawing (no wifi will do that too!)

Keep an eye out for a Roofus Reef series in 2017!