Roofus big shoot #2

We've been running around shooting for Roofus again – blimey I always forget what a huge amount of work it is! This time we shot with a bunch of new players. You might remember we raced to Sydney last time with a car full of product and props. Call me old fashioned, probably best to shoot in your home town – so we did this time!

The wonderful Mark Adams was our photographer, and very clever creative stylists Robyn Burgess and Jules. Furniture was kindly supplied by Huset Furniture and props were by Mud Australia and Tub Design. Studio was the ace L1 Studios in Little Bourke St Melbourne. It was a great shoot, considering we were a new team working together. It was fun and smooth as silk! Thanks everyone. :)

Stay tuned, we will reveal the first of the shots soon, and they are lovely! Even more importantly new product, yay! We will reveal our new Limited Edition print range. More to come.. I know we keep saying we will reveal it (and we will), but there's an surprise element to it that we have been working towards. And are pretty passionate about. Yay.