The Block Storm


Ok, we've been slightly hopeless at the blog the last little while – but we have a good excuse – at least for the last couple of months.

Roofus was on The Block (twice), and we got smashed by the The Phenomenon that is The Block!

Some of you might have seen our large Aussie Flora screen prints in Jason and Sarah's amazing hallway, pictured.

John and I sat down to watch the Show not really knowing how many sales it might produce.
We were trying to keep a lid on it, so we were thinking to ourselves maybe ten sales..?

Little did we know our email would be pinging away all night and the whole week with orders.
It slowed a little but not much, pretty much keeping going for a month! Seriously, it was an order storm and we didn't know which way was up. The Block Storm.

We ran out of some stock (Grevillea and Bottlebrush) the next day and had to spend a week reprinting and replenishing. We had a to tell a lot of people to wait an extra week. Thank you to all those who were patient with us!

Thank you so much to the Block, Sarah W, Sarah A, and thank you to all the lovely people of Australia who liked our stuff enough to order!